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Domingo Mario Díaz Acosta

I was born in Taco, a village just out side the capital of Tenerife. Since I was young my father had pigeons at home, all kind of them. Because he did not understand much about them, the loft was left wide open all the time, so many lost pigeons entered and stayed.

Many Young boys of the area came to by pigeons from my father: I remember they were paying 25 pesetas each: I talk about early 70 th.

In 1.975, my cousin, Manuel Herrera Díaz, who was older than me, started to join the sport in the early 1.975.

The loft was very little, only one department of 2 and half meters long and 1 meter high. I remember that I had only four young pigeons to race and that year as I wasn´t member of any club, I raced them on the name of José Ramón Pérez, a friend of mine, at the Taco racing Club. That year I lost only one pigeon of them, the other three I clocked them, one from las Palmas, another one from Fuerteventura and the third one from Lanzarote Island.

At the end of 1.976 with a great disappointment for me, as my father got a job on England and asked the family to follow him there. I had to give up my pigeons.

By then I finished the high school level and my brothers and I were facing an uncertain future.

In England always had pigeons sport relation ship in my mind, so I soon found out about pigeons in the area and established a relationship with a man very near home,

He gave me some pigeons to start with. I was once again in with pigeons. I even was a membership of a club only to by rings but never raced officially, only did it by my self from short distances, I used to had around 20/25 pigeons.

I returned to Tenerife to do my National service and afterwards I became a member o Taco pigeon Club in 1.982. I was flying in Taco club for eight years until I moved to the south of the Tenerife island because of my work.

I became a member of Adexe pigeon club in 1.990 and member of Abona Sur two year later, when this club started. In the year 2000 I decided to come with my pigeons to the club in Arona, much near the place where I live with around ten other members of the area, finally there years ago in 2005 five of us inaugurated a new club in the council called Nuevos Horizontes where I was president for the first 2 years, and where I still fly my pigeons.

The very first years I fly the pigeons at the south of Tenerife where terrible, racing pigeons in this part of the island makes this hobby very hard, because the situation in the island, pigeon looses is very common over here. Only because of a great affection,

I did no give up. I tried other type of pigeon, always looking for a such of king of strong pigeons for this area. Pigeons that where doing well in Taco pigeon club, (70 kms from where I live now in south), here where no good enough.

Here I have to dedicate more time for them, and thanks to my brother Víctor Manuel who has attended the pigeons until early 2011. I got important results during all these years, but from now on, I have to start by myself the job with the disadvantage of not being able to devote the time necessary to have continuity in the results as before, I will not be able to compete at such a high level in the future but I will try my best.

Manly my pigeons are Aardens of the lines Van Geel, Van der Wegen, Boyen, Brugemann, Jan Polder, Piet Lazerom, Batenburg, Jellema and Rauw-Sablon.

I also have 8 pairs Janssen-Van Loon Koopman-Heremans to couple with my Aardens.

This year 2007 got some good results in Nacional Races finishing 2º second at the National Open championship (Open Derbys) becoming 13th and 4º at Open Nacional Of Cataluña (Barcelona), 3rd International and 4th National in Murcia Open Derby, also 5th general and 3rd National at the open of Xacobeo at Santiago de Compostela.

Year before I finished 6th at the final National Champion ship (Open derbys).

In 2015 and 2016 consecutively finished National one open loft championship.

Domingo Mario Díaz Acosta